I.H 500 Industrial Weight Indicator
Head For The Future

A versatile indicator with the advanced features.

Helps you control your business whatever your weighing needs.

Compatible with a wide range of platform and load cell configurations.

BIG easy to read 20mm high display

Target weighing

PLU operation with stored tares and target weights

Stored, semi-automatic and manual tares

Stainless steel enclosure

Trade approved and non-approved applications


Time and date functions

User friendly

Negative weighing


DI 160 Weighing Indicator
EC Approved

Speeds up weighing operations with precision and economy

High-contrast LCD with large numerals, 6 digit display

Internal resolution 1/60,000

Display resolution 1/1,000 to 1/7,500

One touch / digital tare subtraction

Zero point recall function

Power for four 350Ω load cells

Desk/Wall bracket included

Digital filter with three setting levels, one is for standard

Weighing and two for animal weighing

(Subject to local regulations)

Net weight 2kg

RS 232 Data Output

Dimension: 200mm (w) x 164mm (h) x 150mm (d)


DI 162 Indicator
EC Approved

User-friendly features make it suitable for a wide range of weighing applications

Internal resolution 1/300,000

Displays resolution up to 1/10,000

One touch digital tare subtraction

Power for four 350Ω load cells

Low voltage indicator

Zero point re-call function.

Digital filter with two setting levels, one is for standard weighing,

One for animal weighing (subject to local regulations)

Displays: 5 digits

Power source: AC240/230.220v rechargeable battery

(6v1.2Ah – built in)

RS232 Data Output

Net Weight: 3.456kg

Dimension: 200mm (w) x 164mm (h) x 150mm (d)



The CS-610 from Herbert Retail is an effective and accurate checkout weighing system which can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

A range of configurations is available to suit all installations, even where space is a limiting factor.

The standard construction features a robust standalone scale with integral load unit, power supply and display unit.

High capacity (up to 15kg) allows accurate weighing of virtually all supermarket goods

User-friendly operation and simple design enables effective staff training and efficient servicing

Scanner/scale model available in a range of sizes to accommodate most flatbed scanners

Common interface and link to all major EPoS terminals

Nationwide support by our nationwide network of fully trained engineers

Construction & Configuration  
Operating Temperature: -10 to + 400 C
Operating Humidity: 85% RH (max)
Power: 8 to 25V DC 2.5W
Option 0.9W No display
Option 1W 1 X LCD display
Option 3W 1 X LED display
Option: 220/240V 50HZ
Interface RS232C
Option: RS232C + DC power
Display: 1 LCD
Option: Green LED
Operator Interface: Membrane keyboard
Zero, Test
Capacity: 15kg (5g interval)
Dimensions (mm)  
Standard 345(L) X 285(W) X 60(H)
Square 300(L) X 300(W) X 60(H)


Scale Price List

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Nationwide service coverage

Calibration using UKAS adjusted weights

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