The company prides itself on its nation-wide service with fully trained engineers in all parts of the Country offering calibration, preventive maintenance contracts to all types of weighing machines and a full weight calibration service.

We also offer a unique Hire service from the smallest balance to the large platforms tailor made to suit the customer requirements. Vandome & Hart offer a full weight calibration service to M1 standard using UKAS calibrated weights, 20mg to 20kg. We supply a wide selection of stainless, Iron and brass weights, capacities from 1mg to 20kg.

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Nationwide service coverage

Calibration using UKAS adjusted weights

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About Balances

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About Indicators

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Retail labelling machines

Weighing machines for the retail trade

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Weighing machines for industrial

And food trade

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Labelling machines for the retail and industrial trade

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Counting & Medical

Counting machines for all applications

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